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Katie Merkli-3

Get to know Katie

Katie is a freelance travel writer and photographer, working from her home in the UK and around the world.

A self taught creator, Katie’s work has evolved from seven years of being a travel blogger, capturing moments from her holidays and sharing them with her social media followers.

Officially hanging up the travel blogger hat and launching her freelance travel writing and photography business in 2021, Katie takes years of copywriting, blogging, social media, PR and content creation experience, both in her personal life and through her career, to begin a new journey within the world of travel, hotels and destinations.

Passionate about places, Katie’s creative style is to snap candid travel moments and tell travel stories that inspire.

Freelance Services


When you can’t quite find the words, Katie can help by pulling together the creative copy for your website, blog, marketing and branding materials, print media, social posts and more.


Working with the likes of tourist boards, resorts and PR agencies, Katie can capture and present a portfolio of professional imagery for use across digital platforms and promotional materials.


Working for many years as a social media specialist, Katie can help with imagery, copy blocks, hashtags and hacks to make your social media content stand out above the rest.