A Foggy January Day at Kew Gardens

The best kind of plants are the ones I don’t have to look after because I’m absolutely terrible at it…

I’d never visited Kew Gardens before — but after a long festive period spent in isolation, because after two long years the virus finally got me — I desperately wanted to pick up my camera and escape the borders of Milton Keynes.

It was a cold and damp day in London, but the lingering January fog and pink haze of the late afternoon sunset made up for not being able to feel my hands as I wandered around every path and greenhouse clicking away on my Canon.

Sometimes taking a short but sweet day trip can make the world of difference. And this was also one of those days where I truly trusted the timing of my life…

For anyone that doesn’t know, Kew Gardens sits right underneath the flight path for Heathrow Airport. I’d just been invited to an interview with British Airways after applying for a role a month earlier, and every single time a BA aircraft roared its way into land above me, I hoped and manifested that it meant good news was on its way.

Less than two months later, I joined the company.

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