Snapshots of a Summer City Break in York England

Where do you travel to when the borders are closed and you’ve spent the first six months of the year in a national lockdown? I settled upon York, a city in the north of England.

Known for its history and hauntings, York really is a unique place to visit. Just be sure to check out where not to stay if you’re rather not encounter any ghostly happenings!

I booked one night at The Principal York, a large hotel on Station Road, just a stone’s throw from the train station. Whilst we didn’t experience anything paranormal, the hotel certainly had a creepy feel about it, which wasn’t helped by one too many espresso martinis before bed.

My time in York was short but sweet, and incredibly sweaty due to the heatwave sweeping the country, before a thunderstorm finally cleared the suffocating air.

As it was the first month the government allowed us to roam free, the city was packed with tourists from all over the country. It made it a little tricky to grab a table just about anywhere, but we took ourselves on a self-hosted walking tour around the sights and streets instead.

I feel like there’s a lot more still to see of York, and perhaps autumn would be a beautiful time to visit. Anywhere with early golden sunsets and crispy falling leaves gets my vote.

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